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Rear view of a topless young woman leaning against a wall with her arm spread out

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If someone caught you pleasuring yourself, what would you do?

Cristal Lee Depends on who….My Boo….Say join in…..Anyone else be embarrassed

Mariyah Nnamani How the hell would someone catch me?? I’m going to be in my room so I won’t be hiding.

Chunk Robert Scott Finish what you started lol

Dwayne Torain Definitely gotta just finish unless it a parent that embarrassing

comediantydavis Keep going lol

kenya_socialite_maven My bad bro… I wash my hands b4 I prepare meals – and smirk 😜

woowoo_82 Not care!!!! My mom caught me I was in my house she has a key of course n she walk in n saw me n walk rite back out lol I was so scared like I was a kid lo

lovelydfvme_27 I’m continuing doin what I need to do

lightskinned_ty @92qjamsbmore Depends…Tell them either get out ….or come join! 😉

mr.remy_martin keep going it’s the American way

dopefiens_wanasmokeme Play like I’m sorry, then …Start all over cus they f**ked up my concentration 😂😂😂 @drejohnson1


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