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Do you think it’s ok to sleep with a co-worker? Why or why not?

genuinenikki NO because it will make the atmosphere at work awkward

maat_qandisa Just don’t go for the boss.. once your on bad terms kiss the job goodbye

brittgotthis__ Yes I have its nothing wrong wit it as long as y’all professional at work

yeah_dat_i Yeah its cool I be I’ll come to work happy and eager to work

comediantydavis It’s easier when you’re in different departments.

mr_walking_testimony Yeah we are adults, @drejohson1, dre where she work….lls, #BCFD


the_solution27 No! Don’t get your honey where you make your money

whthershey209 Hell no. You don’t go fishing off the company pier.

whthershey209 When s**t doesn’t work out it becomes drama. Unnecessary

klassickeitta As long as y’all keep it cute!

beckysboy77 Gota keep it between you too!! Be adults…. At the same time you have to be careful

spects As long as there’s an understanding of keeping it cool while at work. Relationship issues stays outside the office.

cristalonair I agree with @klassickeitta

comediantydavis @whthershey209 I had one work relationship get realllll ugly before, but he was tripping not me lol.

whthershey209 @comediantydavis I feel u. That’s why I never go that route

Shamica Banks Nope

Charles Smith Its okay but it isn’t the smartest thing to do unless u don’t mind the unwanted lunch dates and the why u talking to him or her stares, or how about the everybody knows that ur f**king looks???

Eryn Brown Naw!! Did it, and regretted it ever since. Would come to my classroom like he was sure nuff the king!! Lol not

Sharbett Morton Too be honest no….I’ve seen where ppl feelings got so caught up and they lost their jobs. But it depends who you are dealing with as well. Where you have mfs that kiss and tell than put your ass in the spotlight where all eyes are on you when you enter the room…

Melissa Green In a situation like this, several things can happen. 1, somebody is going to be bullshit in bed. 2, somebody is going to get whipped and catch feelings….which is a no no. 3, there comes a attraction between the both of you and you be together forever……very rare!!!! Either way , somebody is going to lose their job due to no fraternization with fellow co workers. Btw, did I mention the stress and drama from seeing other people pushing up on that person?

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