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Dre’s #nightcap.. Do you think the relationship between the community and Baltimore Police will get better after the #DOJ report?

Nathaniel Bland Hell no !!! Unfortunately we need to eventually get new leadership from the top down which will take time , but however what I found more troubling was how long it’s been going on and the lengths the BPD went to in its efforts to destroy the citizens of Baltimore for no apparent reason SMH . I pray that we will all have a seat at the table when the time comes to correct these issues

blacklivesmatter_scorpion Nope they will only just be a little more discreet in way’s of doing things because they know they are being watched.

mzmentalhealth Nope

1stbornson @drejohnson1 unfortunately this report won’t make anything better. I often wondered about leaving Baltimore and I wonder if the current Mayor and the next Mayor understand that people in this city who pay taxes are ready and willing to take their money to another city. It may not be a better option but it’s still a choice some people are willing to face. I’m no longer comfortable in my own city.

msoctober_ I truly hope so but I doubt it

rlb8 In order for that to happen the Police are going to have to go back and become a friendly force..For example many young children see the police as a negative force..there needs to be more Officer Friendly type programs. Programs in the communities that they work in ..These programs will foster a positive outlook..

heath9539 Bro , I have a case pending now . One unmarked cop car flashed the blue and red lights( no head lights on just the flashing dash lights) another came flying down past the unmarked cop car …. boxing me in . Before I could get my license and registration one of the cops were already grabbing my door handle . When asked” what’s the issue ?” The cop said ” you didn’t use your turn signal” two cop cars ? I drive a 2015 BMW X6 so u tell me

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