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What’s one of your biggest fears that you want to overcome? ‪#‎thezone‬…

Tashia Smith Of opening up my own Cake shop. I’ve been working at my job for 12 years. Kind of nervous to start on my own

blacklivesmatter_scorpion Not being married in this lifetime.

daeandjewelsmom Getting on a boat

jamanah_is_her_name losing one of my family or friends because Murder land is crazy

jenylyte813 I’m terrified of dogs & cAts any size. I really need to get over my fear it holds me back from a lot of things

blacklivesmatter_scorpion This is so wrong on so many levels but I want to put u the bed Dre Johnson just being honest.

hvnlysweet Not accomplishing my goals.

tstreeter32 My biggest fear is getting fired from work for doing what I did today 😂

tupacpook Height

iamkeara Rejection, snakes

chrisdin__ I have a fear of planes and helicopters I hate the sound of them in the air over my head it scares the f*** outta me!! I hate when the blue angels come they make my fear so much worst

daeandjewelsmom Going on a Cruise. I don’t do boats

daughter_of_the_holy_king Thinking I’m going to ruin my relationship by not trying to ruin my relationship

mrmommqj1 Dieing a slave before I set my kids FREE

ms.do_rite my fears is my friends not my enemies

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