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The fictional American past-time The Purge is back!



t would seem this movie is right on time as our country is currently going through what is one of the most bizarre primaries ever as we look to select a new President. The Purge: Election Year is the third movie in the popular franchise where Americans for twelve hours, for one night only can commit any crime they want, mainly murder in most cases to get it out of their systems.

Purge: Assassins


The Purge: Election Year takes more of a political approach to the yearly practice but don’t worry the gruesome anarchy we came to love and see from the series is still here. In this installment we catch up with Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) who almost exercised his right to purge in the last film but grew a conscious and decided not too. He now serves as the head of the of security for Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell).


Senator Charlie Roan

He must now protect her as she makes a future run for President and looks to put a stop to the annual purge but in aiming to do so she has made some very powerful enemies in the process. After an act of betrayal Frank and Charlie are stuck in the streets and must make it through night without becoming a victim of the night of violence.

Purge, The, Election Year (2016)

Leo protecting the Senator

Watch the intense new trailer for The Purge: Election Year below:

The Purge begins all over again July 1st!


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