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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. Is it possible to be in love with 2 people? ‪#‎thezone‬

LaTear Richardson Loving two people can happen. But being “in love” with two people at the same time sound very difficult.

Shebretta Sheridan Yes it is possible…smh sticky situation 😕

Lecarol Davis I guess u can…but u need 2 choose..Either way u see it Somebody is gonna get hurt

missbutts85 No. If you were in love with the first person you would not have fallen for the second person

brandizzle03 Hell yea

daamp1011 I sure do miss hearing you in the morning..

daddydiddatt Yes you can be in love with multiple people mind may not be able to understand but the heart knows

greenwitenvy I think it is definitely possible….

candykane691 Yes it is. It’s very real

mr_cockynutts_ Yeah…ya heart is gonna want what it wants. Whether you have someone or not @92qjamsbmore

atlien77 Yup

ocky_bfac you sure can

atlien77 But u can only be in love with two people because you put yourself in that predicament. Even with an ex & a new person. You have to be honest and true to yourself and strong in character to not let that happen

augmax Yes

blaqueorchard No. You can LOVE two people, but you can only be IN LOVE with one person. If you were truly in love with the first person, you would have never fallen for the second. They are two different things.

hismom_hiswife143 No , I think love and infatuation is often confused @drejohnson1

brandii725 I agree with @blaqueorchard 100% GREAT topic… Somebody is gonna need to hear this @drejohnson1

thebigticket410 Hell no !

lovingtobeme I am with 💯 @blaqueorchard also.. The human heart mind, and soul is not strong enough to handle the type of commitment. 💖

shaheynas I have a big heart😉 why not🤔

____kingmyles Can someone check out the link in my bio⁉️ tag me your feedback please! Support local artists !

honeyydipp001 Yes it can happen the heart wants what the heart wants

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