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Close-Up Of Burnt Cigarettes In Ashtray

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Name a habit that you would like to let go?

Kevin Boardley Drinking Pepsi every day

Cristal Lee Procrastinating

Rashawn Thompson Breaking girls hearts

C H Aun Cey Spending money on fast food

Sharbett Morton Gm Dre Smoking cigarettes…

LaTear Richardson Overthinking

tatmylife Caring too much. People try to take advantage of people who are nice

iamkellyann Smoking 😢

grandman1126 WORK!!!! #LoveDatMoney

whthershey209 Being too nice and helping people who don’t deserve it

selfmademikegeezy @drejohnson1 Goodmorning Big Brother Dre My Habit Is Keep hitting that A.T.M Bank Machine On Pay Week 😂 Some Times Just Got To Say No

selfmademikegeezy @drejohnson1 My Other Number 1 Habit Is Stop Helping People That Don’t Want To Help Their Self First💯

justkikibrown Working so damn much. I need to start a new habit of traveling and taking time off to enjoy life. Can you help me @drejohnson1 ?

urbaninformer Giving a …….

djdeelamont Two words Krispy Kreme two more one dozen

i_am_legend83 Road rage for me bro but ppl be driving so stupid i cant let it go lol gm @drejohnson1 💩 #Early

i_am_legend83 Peach Rings

i_am_legend83 Monster Energy drinks

thee_dame01 Allowing those that mean me no good and/or possess negative energy to remain in my space!!! #lettinggo 💯

kissme_all Worrying. About my kids, my man, and my bills. Things I have no control over

liss_plus3 Procrastinating

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