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Let’s begin to eradicate this dreadful (usually preventable) disease from our society, by addressing its true cause…our diet and lifestyle… in essence acknowledging, and finally confronting  the pink elephant responsible for far too much suffering and early death.

In order for you to learn more about preventing breast cancer through healthy lifestyle changes, here is my radio show recording on the subject, which also includes a guest, Dr. Daemon Jones, who is a naturopathic physician.


By Dr. Ed James, BDO Healthy Lifestyle Expert

Dr. Ed James draws inspiration from his personal experiences with healthy lifestyle changes, having overcome prediabetes and obesity several years ago. In 2011, he founded Heal2BFree to focus on helping individuals and organizations to develop and implement action plans that help close the health disparities gap between blacks and whites.

Dr. James has given many presentations, including the 2011 National Medical Association Colloquium and regularly contributes preventive health-related articles to some of the nation’s top health publications. He is also the primary author and co-editor of Getting into Medical School – A Planning Guide for Minority Students.

He received his BS in Biology from Bucknell University and earned his MD and MBA from the University of Pennsylvania as a participant in the Penn Med Scholars combined degree program.

For more healthy lifestyle tips and news, visit Dr. Ed at Heal 2B Free. To visit Dr. Ed’s blog on BDO, click here.

Pink Elephants & Breast Cancer  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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