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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. If you had to carry around a sign that describes your ex, what would it say?


Chereese Barrett Proceed with caution

Tabby McKoy Everything that looks good aint good

Cristal Lee Professional LIAR

Cornell Willis A Wonderful catch… For the emotionally detached.

Pebbles Lewis I would say BIGAMIST!! Dre Johnson

Toiya Best Beware of Dog

Keisha Henson I needed our experience to grow up and mature into this wonderful woman I am today so for that I THANK YOU and for giving me these wonderful kids much love!!!

Keisha Henson Oh to answer I’ll simply say MY EX

Leslie Alston Damaged Goods

Timeka Wright My husband/soul mate!!!!

DjBunk Dodson Pretty little liar

Tee Denton Waste of time.

Tashia Smith Let’s just say I would need to put up a billboard… Good morning Dre Johnson

Raymond Brice Wow! Unbelievable

mizzsagittarius_1211 #Letitgo 😂😂😂 Morning Dre

val_u_me_ Damaged goods .. GM Dre 👋🏾

brandonmcflyy Hazardous waste

1sickcharger @drejohnson1 Please do not pet or feed the animals 😂😂 #early

whthershey209 Biohazardous waste proceed with caution

optimism_inahaze Children Crossing/Children At Play

trappbrattloh Under cover brother back shot lover


1sickcharger lol @drejohnson1 wipe your glasses off bro lol i was referencing like when you go to a zoo with wild animals but you can also wear a sign that says “Thanks for showing me what NOT to do” lol #DefectiveItem #ReturnToManufacturer

flowsuniquely4u Aggravated Assault

chocolate 7.20 A waste of time and damaged goods!

certifiedswaggin Looks may be deceiving & her ass single for a reason. Fact

lady.jaykeepcalm Beware only sale you dreams and lies…

tatmylife A Warning sign.

rachhopfromdasouthside Douchebag

alexis_smitty_smith F**k boy

purple_diamond_7 Grow up

chereeseb78 Proceed with caution

lovelyt_26 Community d**k

turnt_up_a Proceed with plenty caution

king_keith_jackson Welfare h**

krissymaurcia Caution extremely sensitive

ms585ny Uncommitted moocher

__nickey@jenny_chaos oh


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