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Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pie

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Walmart is rushing to replenish Patti Labelle pies. How would rate the taste on a scale of 1-5?




Darnikia Rogers I have not tried it… Too overrated just my thoughts….just like people ran to get those pies support black business not Walmart

DoctorRell Bailey 3. But ladies and gentlemen. Baltimore was once known as the City that Reads. Please read the box instructions. Heat the pie up before you eat it.

Corey Smith Don’t eat pies but that video dude made was hilarious

Denise Lumpy Robbins I am searching for these pies

Cornell Willis If your grandmother never made you one, it’s the best thing on earth…. Otherwise it’s just marginal and anyone can make it.

Keisha Henson I don’t understand why people are so adamant about being against her making these pies. If you can make a much better pie MAKE IT. Put it on the stands and sell them as she has. Patty been a cooker. Why are we so mad at her? It was said that she grossed 2.5 mill over the weekend. Look at those numbers and just imagine if us regular folks who are so negative do the same we would b good. What’s wrong with supporting black? If Paul dean made them and they was that good would b all b in such uproar? NO and that’s just sad. I love her and happy for her. If I could market mines I would. But it ain’t my thing and I’m not gonna hate on her just because that’s hers. We are some of the most negative people EVER smh go Patty do your thing I LOVE IT!!!!

whthershey209 My mamas pies are better. Ain’t nothing like home-made.

babygirl7275 @drejohnson1 it’s pretty good but there’s nothing like grandma’s pie. Have a great dat!

rocksonadventure @drejohnson1 exceptionally baked very high 5!!!!

ordinarylove41 The pie was cool ,, but home-made is better

mizzsagittarius_1211 I don’t eat pie but my family gave it a 2 Morning Dre!!

mickmickisback They’re okay, if you’re a diabetic, it’ll mess you up….I give it a 3 @drejohnson1

jpslater1983 I have to try it yo .

nique_and_nysir People Hype Anything Up, They’re Good But I Wouldn’t Replace My Grandma’s Pie At The Thanksgiving Table With It Lol

nique_and_nysir &&  I work at Wal-Mart We’re Sold out && So Is The Warehouse So Please Stop Calling About Those Damn Pies 😂😂😂

og_mac73 Tbh I could care less about those pies. I’m not spending money on a pie just because a celebrity’s name is attached to it knowing it came off of a production line.

indy_robinson Haven’t tried it but very supportive. It feels good to see something positive involving black entrepreneurship.

opheus_gentlebreed Some of us could actually get some if these greedy people stop buying 15 pies a person

grandman1126 For a STORE BOUGHT PIE… it’s definitely a 4

kaliq125 maybe if it’s warmed up nice lol

thebossladyincredible People kill me..If Paula Dean or Sarah Lee were selling something new we’d rush to buy it…Why not support our own???? We complain bitch and hate on everything…Go Ms. Patty…Congrats

goldieloxz2 I agree @thebossladyincredible 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

ynot_ Then things are good, I love me a good sweet potato pie. Ms.Patti did it with this one. 5

oh_thats_sinn Whole time she ain’t even eating the pies tho 😉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

a1tyesha I just wanna get my hands on one, so I can see for myself…

dlibra105 Those pies have been in stores for over a month. It wasn’t til James wright sang about them, now everyone has to have it. I’m so glad I got mine before the hype. For a store-bought pie, it’s a 5.


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