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A mother and father read a book to their son while seated on an airplane.

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Should those who receive child support have to show what they spend the money on?


@DreJohnson1 clothing utilities transportation clues. Phil from spending my money on what my children need to survive

— Free Ebron (@MsFreeza) November 12, 2015

// not if they have a roof over their head, food to eat and clothes to wear.

— Dynamic511 (@dynamic511) November 12, 2015

// hell yeah its a lot of females out here using child support fraudulently. Eating crabs, club dresses but kids need everything

— Devin Bethea (@LoverBoy_iKon) November 12, 2015

// you give me 250 a month and my rent/mortgage is 1000 and you want to know what I spent it on…FOH wit that.

— Queen Butterfly (@TaheeraAbdullah) November 12, 2015

// #come get these churen da receipt in their pockets #let me pay dem child support #where my vagina reciept

— Swendolyn (@SwendolynG) November 12, 2015


Nicolas West Only for those getting “excessive” amounts a month… If you just getting a couple hundred (if that) NO

DoctorRell Bailey The mother of my children show me receipts and all of that just because rather than obligation. For what I shell out, I am all for it.

Monte Bowens I’m in the middle on this one but you should be able to claim child support on your taxes

Cornell Willis I suggest ending the concept of child support all together. Instead, let send a list of bills for the child to the other parent for payment, and then a atm card with general expense on it that does not allow cash withdrawal. This way everything is documented.

Stacie Greene Absolutely not! Even if I use your child support to pay my rent that’s the house that your child lives in. You want to know how your child is being taken care of then take care of your child without child support being involved.

Tee Denton No. As long as the child is being provided for

Eric Toney Wow these women are so confused by the system it works both ways it’s for or against you.

sugar.plumprincess No what a silly question

pebbles_page No but I can and will show receipts for my mortgage, BGE, Food, etc. The money is for food, clothing, and shelter. Some do misuse it however don’t ASSume all custodial parents do.

jpslater1983 Great topic

big_stink_3 Hell yea they should…child support ain’t for your hair and nails done every week. All the while the child looks a mess and is in need of things. Child support is one of the biggest blunders of our legal system mainly because it’s not regulated, barely enforced and just not taken seriously for what it’s supposed to be about!

odats_him Yesssss sirrrrrrrr

pchez1110 HELL YEAH!!

createyourfittraptini I think they should. Too many people use it as their play money rather than use it for what it’s intended for. And if the receiving party is reluctant to disclose what they use it for you already know 🤔

Hold ppl accountable for their actions , some ppl just abuse the system, and real dudes and females suffer from it, child support is for the kids…

megashawn How sway! All they’re going to do is maneuver the money. used their money to ball out of control instead of the child support money

odats_him Cuz they pay the next ni*** cell phone bill and not get their child a good pair of shoes with da money

quikthegod Yup!

christophergatling_bigc For some that don’t do right with it; yes.

tbo1215 Yes they need to because it’s only right they should do it for food stamps too.

satianashae Just call me Tia Dre 😉….I think they should If it looks as if the person is not truly using it for the child. If the child does not seem supported then it needs to be questioned.

blacky614 Hell yea not all spend it on the kids @drejohnson1

whois_jayt Yes they should cause there are parents that do not spend it on their kids. Me as a person do pay child support and there is no reason why my kids should have the same clothes I brought them last year. I honestly think these parents be spending the CS money on irrelevant stuff.

ms585ny It’s impossible because how can you differentiate her income from child support payments if they have them both deposited in the same account. Plus if she’s paying living expenses that’s part of support that the child needs because they need a roof over their head and gas & electric.

successful_tony Yes yes yes a 1000 times yes because if I’m on children support I expect my money to go towards bills, or food, clothes for my child

serizzler Yes yes yes !!!!

reasonable_doubt_rome_ I just want my child support payments from my son mom. That is all. Carry on.

shanicakes0902 How dare you ask me to prove what I’m spending child support payments on. When someone had to make you give me the $ in the first place. If you were doing what you needed to do, no one would have to go down CS in the second place. Some females that are all about the $$ make it bad for those that really need the help in the third place. So don’t lump everybody together in fourth place. And in last place HELL to the naw, to the naw naw naw!!!!

teathymewithla Why is child support depicted as a gold mine in this pic? Child support is to ensure your children, your responsibility is taken care of!


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