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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Hammerjacks will return in late 2016 to be built at the current location of the Paradox. Name a nightclub that you would like to see come back?




Anthony Johnston Trilogy, Twilight…..Club One

Cristal Lee We gotta go!!!!!! I hope they play club music

Chereese Barrett The one that is coming back Hammerjacks BAE-BABYYYYYYYY!!!! It’s going to be right across the street from where the original one was back in the day and got knocked down in 1997.

Jermaine Townes THE UNDER GROUND. …

Eric Toney Odells night club.

Keisha Shante Odells

Diane Mychangeiscoming Turner Odell’s all day

Charles Mcknight Bourbon street

Monique Latrice Club mate

Tee Denton Twilight

hanika Mckoy Indigo

Missi Ongsingco Volcano’s

Latricia Black Odells

Cliff Day I dell’s or the stop light out cherry hill

Michelle Minor Oak tree lol

Simeon Ainsworth Silver Shadows

Daniel Shipley Iguana

Daniel Shipley Bourbon Street

Brit Brat I knew this was happening

Amanda Coyle If they bring hammerjacks back they need to make it like a 25-30 over spot most of these youngins now days have no sense of respect for anything

Michael Dixon Twisters! !!!

Tabatha Simon Odell’s.

Nikki Giovanni Giovanni’s

mr.dees_nuff I would say hammers, hammerjacks was life with K Swift back when I was a teen

lynwoodm10 Silver shadows the original grown and sexy @drejohnson1

sinnaminbrown Choices minus the strippers lol

ipledge2hustle Iguana

mickmickisback Godfreys….on Charles St…Friday nights were everything @drejohnson1 #early

mr.actbad410 Twilight zone

the_urbanchef @drejohnson1 club one!!! 🔥🔥🔥

kissme_kima Godfrey’s

ayespence HammerJacks always had the most epic parties and a cool crowd

prettybrowneyes204 Twilight zone, bohagers, bourbon st

radical_shy_trafficante Strawberry 5000s

optimism_inahaze Club one and bourbon street

mr_exclusive13 MIST with Claxton and Konan! Friday night were EVERYTHING

itsme_mskaybee34 Strawberries 5000, silver shadows, club one and Latin Palace….man those were the days

fab_50_ Volcanoes that was on Greenmout

ravenet4life The Foxes Den, that black wall with the red rose still stands on Penn ave. The Place and Sinclair Inn

moyeboi81 Teamsters….I miss going to the Dox in my younger day…and I miss the spot that used to be on right there on Lexington st…Lexington and Howard I think

moyeboi81 Man… Baltimore used to be so much fun. I honestly don’t know what happened but now it’s dry. If I ever come across some money, I’d try to bring back the Blk professional nightlife

moyeboi81 The tunnel!!!


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