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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Pastor Jamal Bryant ends his run for Congress. Are you surprise?


Chereese Barrett You don’t say!!! Lol! Not a bit surprised the big wigs talked to him and told him to reconsider his call on trying to run against the Godfather. Btw he wouldn’t have won anyway.

Kevin Boardley He shouldn’t run for congress in the first place

Shebretta Sheridan I’m glad he realized his calling is in the pulpit not politics…ijs

__shalon__ Not at all.

fic _ Nope. He had way to many skeletons in his closet that he didn’t want reviled


ericasmith74 Not at all …

babygirl7275@drejohnson1 Absolutely not! Someone advised him that it wasn’t a good idea & I’m glad he listened.

grandman1126@fic_  Fa’Sho… The moment they started digging… He would have moved to another state…

bfac_ceo_jay nope yo just woke up out that dream he was living in gm bro #Early

grandman1126 Lol… I think the real question is “Was HE serious… and did HE really think HE could win?”

freshprince_27 Yes I was looking forward to him running. I don’t understand his reasons. He knew what the job would be before he decided to run. Maybe it was for attention after all smh.

shanesetanae No I’m not surprised! Somebody must have warned him that politics means cleaning out all those closets! And he can’t take another hit like before

tammyp2003 I’m glad he did. It really was a conflict of interest. you can’t preach and then tell your congregation to vote for you: unethical.

sheis_alleyrenee Nope, it was a joke from the beginning. It’s probably better for his rep to drop out than lose 😕

mssunshine02 Nope not at all

Pebbles Lewis Dre Johnson, I’m not surprised because he saw our comments on social media. He knows that this is serious business and not a show of materialistic things. He probably realized that his past and present WILL HAUNT HIM. #IJS

Tee Williams Not surprised at all!

Coco Mikele Know one was going to vote for that fluke anyway

Kyra Moore Thank GOD!!!!

Slew Rockson I’m very surprised. I thought he’d be the next Jesse Jackson


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