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Ever since the success of Straight Out of Compton’s release, it’s first week garnered $60 million, now the GOOD the BAD the UGLY has surfaced and do you think this is fair?  With NWA being one of the most controversial groups in all of hip hop history, many that were UNsung so to speak, have reared their heads and are now speaking out that their part in history of the group was edited out.  But do anybody really care?  Case in point, Michel’le, the ex of Dr. Dre and Suge Knight, r&b singer/RnB Divas LA castmate, has done a few interviews in regards to her accusations that Dr. Dre was very physically abusive.  As well as Dee Barnes.  One thing Michel’le also states, she was told to just sit there, shut up and sing.  In between beatings, she did manage to have a child with him and she married and divorced his now rival, Suge Knight.

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The point I think a few are missing, is the movie is about NWA.  As director F. Gary Gray stated, everything about NWA couldn’t be put into one movie.  Frankly, I don’t think that is what people wanted to see.  Maybe, those that are questioning the string of events and what their allegations bought to the big screen, need to contact a screenwriter, director, get distribution, market and promote and put out their rendition of what happened.  Or maybe it is time to leave well enough alone.  Makes you wonder why people are coming out the woodwork, over 2 decades later.  Not saying the negative things didn’t happen.  BUT, why speak on it NOW???  Here’s an interview Michel’e recently did.. Your thoughts…

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