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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Do you think ‪#‎summer‬ vacation for students is too short, just enough, or too long?


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Stuart Goodall Summer vacation? School needs to be year round. It’ll keep kids off the street, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll learn a lil something.

MrTerrence Teel I so agree!!

Mike Savage Too long

MrTerrence Teel too long.. considering the need for structure for the benefit of our school age citizens , they should have more breaks during and be engaged for 11 months.. #TEELforcitycouncil

Charles Smith School is and should be treated as a J.O.B….I feel that it’s just enough time for them…I think that parents should be proactive in planning for their child’s summer vacation. They should be enrolled in some sort of camp, or some kind of skill builder activities that’s going to keep their minds going for the new year that’s coming.

chocolate7.20@drejohnson1 I think that it is crazy to go back before labor day, just to get right back out for labor day. It is just enough time out for the children. Not enough time for me, but lol…. I can say that because I work for Baltimore city public schools. We should just go back after labor day.

justkikibrown HELL NO!!!

kingweave_ I feel a sense or normalcy when school is in session less drama for the professional working adult

dynamic511 Too long. They have too much idle time.

just_b_n_me_126 Too long. The kids have too much time on their hands. Or they should have assignments over the summer to keep them active @drejohnson1

queenscorpio1028 My theory, year round school. Give then a couple of weeks out, out gives the teachers annual salaries which can be raised, and keeps the kids out of trouble. Instead of spending billions on trash cans or new jails, support the youth


queenscorpio1028 And fix the schools instead of closing then

_tahoejoe03@drejohnson1 I think it’s just right in my opinion!

loyal_nek I think it’s just enough if they didn’t have to make snow days up.

Joe Wells I say just enough, but my refrigerator say toooo long. Lol


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