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Meek Mill, Drake

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Happy ‪#‎Friday‬! Do you think the Drake & Meek Mill beef is real or publicity stunt?


@Only1Teneile @DreJohnson1 sometimes you need a distraction from real life issues to keep you sane

— K. Berns (@Kippy_McLovin) July 31, 2015

@DreJohnson1 No $ in diss tracks*None of them need more publicity so hope they get back 2 their real music since that’s what they came 2 do!

— larri alston (@larrialston) July 31, 2015

Kizzie HoldingItdownsolo Ray Publicity

Kevin Boardley A waste of time

Corey Smith Naw that was what hip hop has been missing the battle too much bff rap was watering down the culture and the world is talking about it!

Jamal Boogie Dwn Holden Yes I Do Think it’s real Meek Mill is in his feelings & Drake really got him looking like a has been please meek quit while ur ahead & leave us Light skin folks alone!!! #WEEKMILLS #TEAMLIGHTSKIN LOL MEEK O DRAKE 3

Rashawnkur Thompson Most likely real because of the personals that was being said

Buck Jones Sorry to use the word death because how our city is going thru it but meek killed himself with that rebuttal the worse diss reply ever ….. It was real till meek started his diss track

Clinton Turn Most definitely publicity stunt but uh wanna know nah hopefully that was for charged up and not back to back

Nina TakingCharge Zamora Its a stunt

Carrie Larkins Either way its hilarious

Renee Thecosmopro I think drake is too much of an adult to do this for fun. He more so raps about what he feels.

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden The stuntin! I really don’t give two sh**s ’cause they’re not lining my pockets!! GM Dre!!

Vonnie Fatz Long Publicity stunt that actually have team Darkskin losing. We trading Meek in for someone else. Lol

Joslyn Armorer-Edwards Real.

Kenneth Taylor Those 2 going at it…Future album Dirty Sprite 2. ..is heat…shameless plug. ..lol

Lamonte Gwynn Remember the time that Drake put on a wig, fake beard and eyes glasses and hit the street to ask people what they thought about Drake. . . . This feels just like that. He’s not dumb. And they understand that the industry has changed. People today lov…See More

Charles Smith PUBLICITY STUNT JUST TO CREATE A BUZZ…It’s too much s**t happenin to our black brothers to worry about a playground spat between Aubrey and Robert…

Calvin Cee Pannell I think the drake and meek Mills beef is real some dude be emotional and in there feelings to much

Tiffany Michelle I think it’s publicity …. it’s such a lame beef but is getting a lot of attention. …

Mike Savage Meek Mills is to in love with nicki minaj. To care his career

Shameka Bateman It’s Garbage I know that much, so whatever category that falls under

whthershey209 Who cares. The media is trying to take our attention off shit that matters like Sandra bland and the cops killing and mistreating innocent people.

diallocase91 I don’t think that’s it’s a real beef

queenborum Biggie and PAC, Nas and Jay those were real beefs….. this is more like hamburger helper.

shyessgunna I don’t think its real either, its funny how it happens round the time meek album drop. The industry is soooo phoney right now…smdh

daunshay Publicity stunt!!!

daunshay Ikr!!! @queenborum Taco Bell fake beef!! lol!!!

ashley_ftw I think meek is just insecure. Everyone always talks about how Nicki & Drake were hooking up and Meek probably thought that by trying to expose Drake it would make him look like more of a man to Nicki than Drake is. Problem is Meek made a damn fool of himself lol. He should know better. A battle against Drake is something you will not win lol

comediantiffanydicks@drejohnson1 this whole “beef” is like two mentally challenged ppl arguing over who is the slowest #overit

cash_coleman Who cares…the media is constantly trying to distract us from the real issues…the only #backtoback we need to be concerned about is how our people keep getting murdered #backtoback

corey1ravens52@drejohnson1 who gives a f**k. Beyoncé had 12 song writers and it’s hard to keep rapping I’m sure 90 percent have a ghost writer . Some are better rapper some are better writers .

Delete Commentlovly_jacksonWhen,people gonna learn this is all a act and anyone falling for it are blind, them two probably sitting back, having a drink laughing at ya’ll, more drama ,more money, another love and hip hop.

1goodcancer@drejohnson1 ..It’s definitely real..Meek is known for crying when he doesn’t get his way….He went @wale for the same B.S


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