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Prostitute standing in doorway, low section

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A man by the name of Neal Falls, is not only getting this award today, we are also eulogizing him.  WHET HAPPENED?  Glad you asked.  Whilst in Charleston, West Va he was murdered.  So why is he getting the BBAGIT award though.  Well Mr. Falls was on and looking for some side sex with an escort.  The escort that doesn’t want to reveal her identity says when Neal showed up to her door for the answered sex ad, he had a banger out and said “LIVE OR DIE”.  He then choked the sex worker and her KILLER instincts kicked in.

She grabbed a rake and Neal put the gun down trying to grab the rake from the sex worker.  Chileeeeee, the lady grabbed the gun, and let Neal have it.  But the whole mess is that he really came there to allegedly murder her.  As they police have found what looked to be a Kill Kit in the trunk of his car.  What was in the Kill Kit?? They said they saw handcuffs, knives, a sledgehammer, a BPV, trash bags, I think some bleach and some other stuff.

Since Neal has gone on, we want to offer this award to him.  Sir, if you can hear us, and if you are responsible for the deaths and disappearances of up to 10 women, then it’s over for you.  In real LIFE!!  CLICK HERE to see what the NEWS has reported.

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