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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Happy ‪#‎Thursday‬! Eminem may take the place of the late Eazy-E in a possible NWA Reunion Tour. What are your thoughts?



Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Hmmm…I like Eminem and everything but it wouldn’t be a ‘NWA’ reunion then–would it?

Kevin Boardley Good but Kendrick Lamar should apart of it also

Shawna Purpose Driven Cheatham Nahhhhhhhh…I’m not feeling it. The name of the group is NWA

(N***as With Attitude) Marshall Mather’s/ Slim Shady is a culture vulture..

Shawna Purpose Driven Cheatham Snoop Dogg/Snoop Dizzle/Snoop Lion or whatever he calls himself now would be an authentic choice for sure !!!

Antonio Ukno Igotit Kendrick or game

Devan ButyoucancallmeBennett Perry I’m still trying to figure out why they not using Eazy’s Son. I mean, yo looks and sounds just like his father for the most part. It would definitely be showing my respect to the late Eazy-E.

Charles Smith Wasnt a good choice…they should leave it just the way it is..and maybe do hologram of Eazy…

Darnell Jackson Not exactly represent the legacy but don’t get it construed em is a rap god !

Pless Jones That tour will sell out overnight…

Pless Jones Eminem’s energy seems a better fit than Kendrick or Game…

Clinton Turn it’s all good with me

Mac Mcknight As I said on IG, if anyone should do it should be his son Lil Eazy….

Tavon Davis I like kendrick because he has that West Coast style 🏿💯

Sherika Stepp So…..there’s no Black rappers available? Kendrick and Wale said no?

Orlando Olave SoufwestEnt His son is a rapper and he looks just like him he should take his place that would be perfect

Maisha Williams Nawww he cool but …His Son Is a better Choice

Anderson Dalmeus I guess they’re just people with attitude now? Uhh good for them

Morgan Juanita It’s a lot of black rapper’s just ask one of them to do it and I’am not being racist just honest

Kendra Betty Bell Uh no

Shannon Loveher Babies Ugh is he a nigga

Joseph Alexis Gomez All the good brothas and this cracker want some!!!! Watch that fool get blasted on$$$$$

Bre Marie Lol smh

Gabriel Yisrael Foolishness

Dustin Pierce Funny how this is now a racial issue , you failed to ask – why is this in Europe and not the United States

Lee Manlapaz Would be a great choice since both of them are extremely great rappers. I think if you look past color then you can see that talent even destroys the color stereotype .

HaroldSpanky Murphy Black Annie’s ok but not a white Easy?


See The 1st Teaser For Ice Cube New NWA Movie Now[VIDEO]


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