Cosby in 2013

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We do not condone anyone doing anything to anyone that will alter their perception or ability to make a conscious decision.  So when the Bill Cosby “PILLgate” scandal hit.  The Fam was all over it.  Like many we initially sided with Bill, as it seemed the statute of limitations for the accusations were UP, now these accusers were looking for a pay day.  Well, since the admission deposition has come out, a LOT of tunes have changed and now we see the man who was ONCE America’s dad, become to what seemed to be a MONSTER.  Well fast forward to the present.  We knew everyone would come out the woodwork with claims.  It is customary for Law Enforcement to interject and take every case as if it is true.  Well in the case of Judy Huth, the lawyer and Mr. Cosby are not playing games with Ms. Huth!! They are accusing her of jumping on the bandwagon and trying to extort at least 250k from Mr. Cosby.  For the inconvenience and addition to the SMEAR campaign against Mr. Cosby in the media, he is seeking $33k for the foolery.  FYI even though he once settled out, and the many allegations he still hasn’t been found guilty or charged for the sexual assaults.  WOW…Ms. Huth we don’t know what your angle is,but if you are being messy as suspected, you outta pocket.  Please be seated.  Read more on what the IBT is reporting!

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