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Another one of Rick Ross babymothers’ wants some of that WingStop Money.  The lady name is Tia Kemp, and she is not to be confused with the other babymother that won the lawsuit against 50 cent.  This BM is currently receiving a little under 2k a month for child support.  But now she wants an increase since Ross owns Wing Stops, mansions, Liquor, and has his hand in other companies.  She is seeking an additional $800 per month, as being reported by BallerAlert and other media outlets, because her son with Ross has a promising career in sports and she needs the extra coin to provide camp and classes.  She said is he physically gifted.  Mam, with all these blessings bestowed upon you to bring a child in the world, if you want him to do all these extra curricular activities, it would be best if you pay for it yourself.  If this was a sincere gesture to make sure that the child you share with the Biggest Boss we have seen thus far, then why bring it to the media.  So for this, you get the award and 2 seats.  Hope you are comfy.  Your thoughts??


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