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This is a bittersweet BBAGIT award today.  The reason being is because over the 4th of July some crazy things went down.  We know for a fact that firecrackers popping could be misleading, as some may have actually been gun shots.  Also the infatuation with people pointing Roman Candles at each other, can literally be life threatening, if not even costing someone their life.  Which is why this young man, that lost his life over trying too hard to be out the box.  As being reported by SandraRose.com, a former Disney employee has died due to his over zealous Independence day activities.  Devon Staples, lit a firecracker called a mortar tube on his head.  Friends say he had been drinking.  Needless to say he lit the wick of the firecracker, and it caught to a quick spark and KABOOM!!!  Family and friends say that his whole life was geared toward making people happy.  Now they are mourning him, for a mistake that he cannot erase.  Sad but TRUE.  Be careful out there.  Life is too short and too precious.  Click HERE for full details as being told by Sandra Rose.