After the racially motivated shooting of nine innocent people in Charleston, South Carolina, the state’s decision to fly the Confederate Flag at government buildings has become a hot topic, with many people calling for the flag’s removal.  But it hasn’t stopped there – many MAJOR retailers have decided to cease sales of all merchandise that feature the controversial flag – a symbol that has become synonymous with racism and hate.  Wal-Mart, Sears, Ebay, and Amazon are the latest retailers to join in the cause to erase the flags presence in our society – banning all sales of products featuring the sales.

But did you know that you can still get a license plate in Maryland, as well as 8 other states including Virginia and Tennessee,  with the Confederate Flag on it?  For $25, members of the Maryland Sons of Confederate Veterans can obtain a tag similar to this:


Sample Virginia Licence Plate Containing The Logo Of The Sons Of Confederate Veterans Source: Wayne Scarberry/Getty Images / Getty


So what do you think?  Should Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, and South Carolina ban these tags?  Or is it someone’s a driver’s First Amendment right to display the symbol on their car?

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