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Donald Trump Holds Media Availability In Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬… What are your thoughts on Donald Trump running for President, and what are his chances of winning?



Stuart Goodall It’s simply a play for attention and fundraising. It speaks to the state of politics today, its all noise and no action. If Donald cant grown his own hair, how can he grow an economy?

Toiya Best He needs to have several seats, no one in their right mind would vote for that man!!! Gm Dre!!!

Treneda Allen I would vote for Donald Duck before I vote for Donald Trump

JaylenWauren Johnson Good luck winning without The black vote, Mexican vote or Gay Vote

Charles Smith At first I was Anti-trump…but after listening to him and my other half…I think that he would make a somewhat good candidate and president maybe. When we think of him, we think of him as entertainment, which leads us to believe that this is a joke and for show only. He’s an excellent business mogul who’s using his own money,,,if you know Donald, he’s not a pushover and your not just gonna tell him what to do and how to do it…he’ll be great with budget issues…I think that it is time for a change….the only thing that bothers me is his bi-product of his management style…he’s vicious

Shawn Manning It’s just as ludicrous as George W bush.nothing will change.the rich will stay rich and the poor will die trying.his chances of winning are good if he’s running against Hillary because blacks and whites may have racial issues but I don’t think no man of any color wants a woman to run the country.and when or if that time comes war will follow!

Emanuel Stackinmychips Curry none Donald Trump need to stick with the real a state business

E Shemar Bolden The Republicans are comical anyway, adding Trump to the mix makes good reality television. This should be entertaining. Clearly he won’t win!

whthershey209 He’s a multi billionaire. Obviously he’s good with money. If he can bring this shit hole economy up please do!

dianaprince8 Still a racist

tothebreakofdawn What a joke! If he wins I need to flee the country lol

6619_east_  No chances at all he will every bit of 50 votes

londynn_bridge I think it’s a bad decision, he has never been good with being able to respect other peoples POV he may know how to make money but people relations isn’t his thing. He should stick to what he knows

og_mac73 I really don’t know why people are worried. No way he would win.

iseethebeautyinit He’s a joke

iambeauty_8 His announcement was a joke just like him running for presidency. Everybody will be fired!

kuppykake1965 He needs to take his wig and have Several seats…….vote for him?? Surely you just??!!!

ktjd_1114 He’s a joke!

lifemypicz I’m moving to Africa.. lol

1goodcancer Trump is a joke !!! He stars up the pot every four years but doesn’t have the heart to actually announced as a candidate

shajere1 He’s a Joke!





Young Jeezy Feat. Birdman “Donald Trump”



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