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‘Black’ Washington State NAACP Leader Is Really White, Parents Say

Source: @KREMTaylor / NewsOne/Twitter

Today the BBGIT award goes to the parents of Rachel Dolezal. You may have heard that Rachel is the young lady that faked her racial identity to obtain high leadership in the NAACP, and even falsified some documents when asked about her race. Well her parents are the ones that outed her. She was minding her “wanting to be a black woman” business, and here they go all estranged, popping up out the woodworks blasting her. When someone is an adult they should have the right to be whatever and whomever they want to be. Heck, if Bruce can turn to Caitlyn, then what’s the fuss about Rachel switching races? We all have stuff to hide. Now we heard people want Rachel to make reparations and she refund the money and free stuff she had got from grants, because the sponsors thought she was colored. The Fam is just totally neutral on Rachel stepping down as the Spokane NAACP chapter PREZZY, but her parents get the award for snitching. Just saying….


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