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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬.. The State has approved plans to build a $30 million jail to house ‪#‎Baltimore‬ teenagers charged as adults. What are your thoughts?


Maurice MoeSays Evans Kinda on the fence….. I mean I don’t want kids in population with adults, but I feel like it’s a trap…..smh

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden They have $30 million to house teenagers rather than invest the money into ‘productive’ avenues for them smh This city’s leadership is totally chopped and screwed. Gm Dre!

Maurice MoeSays Evans The New Jim Crow

Chereese Barrett They have money to build jails and everything else but no money to build brand new Baltimore City Schools.

Dorethea Stepney Taylor How about spending that money to prevent teens from going to jail. Schools and recreation centers is a better way to spend my tax dollars.

Clinton Turn Stupid

Dejuan Hollywood-Patterson This is sad and there need to be a public outcry over this state approval. Why is Baltimore youth worthy of corrections funding but are not worthy of education?

Why is the city spending more on school police than all other areas of education combined

MrTerrence Teel They should take that money and use it to fund programs to deter criminal activities and build a complex to address the disparities our youth face…smh…#Dumbidea

Nina TakingCharge Zamora I work as a residential advisor for the juvenile center on Gay Street and we have three units that house the juveniles with adult charges. That jail should be built for the simple fact that we cant mix those juveniles with the regular juveniles because if they fight then it’s another charge then on top of that there are so many youths coming in with adult charges that we are getting over populated cause we can only house a certain amount of youths. So yes I think that jail should be built.

Deejaygains Bond Jails a big business, especially in the African-American society. There’s a remedy though, educate the parents and our young folk to not visit those jails, and they will get the message that they’ve wasted their resources. They’re counting on people not being able to stay out of jail…

Pillz N Potions Give the children the recreation centers back. The after school programs. What happened to the Pal center Girl Scouts Boy Scouts dance class. These things were around when I was growing up. If I’m not mistaken they just built one on Gay st. Smh instead of condemning and sentencing our youth be the change give the youth something to look forward to doing Mrs Stephanie Rawlings Blake

Ferrari Gill They can use that on more important s#^! ,, like all them homeless ppl , or better educational system and after school programs to keep kids out of jail but will they ??? Don’t answer Dre , 2pac said “they have money for wars but can’t feed the poor”…it’s #levels

Keisha Henson I knew this was going to be the end result smh we can build jails but close schools and recs yeah ok. This city is failing daily and its leadership makes me cringe. Put that money into programs for children, get the million of vacants fixed up.

Vonnie Fatz Long The State has decided it’s better to house our youth behind bars then to invest in building rec centers, youth counseling classes, building blocks to improve them. These the folks we keep voting for tho

Keisha Henson Or better yet put more money into the camera system in the city and make sure crime is actually caught on them. They can find tag numbers for looters but can’t find an address for shooters just sad

Deejaygains Bond While I see a lot of people blaming the state, you MUST hold the parents and the offenders, accountable.

Shanae Browning If this doesn’t call for a march by us the people and our leaders I don’t know what is this is just crazy smh when will we take a stand and show them our youth is worth more than jail…

Keisha Henson Stop blaming parents smh u can’t blame the parents for everything. Without proper resources there is so much a parent can do. Esp with the way they govern how our children are to be raised. We need to stop blaming and find solutions. Most parents have to work five jobs just to maintain and survive. Smh

Lakendra Schwendig We need more schools and after school programs not jails

Angie’Ang Hooks-Sheldon They building the wrong stuff they need to be building group homes for these kids while providing jobs to the unemployed stop jailing our youth and help them one thing I have learned in college is 97.9% of youth who commit crimes are a result of lacking something they were not provided or going through struggles they got no help for

Katie MustbeJelly Lofton I call BS…they had no money to keep the rec centers open and provide free after school or summer programs but they could find $30 million to put them in cages, the system is set up for our children to fail.

simply_alexander They are closing down schools but putting money in to more jails for juveniles. What does that say about our city.

djwylout Its simple…the way the city has

iseethebeautyinit I’m convinced that money and power does not equal intelligence.

corey1ravens52 I spent three years in Hagerstown the prison and parole system is a revolving door made to make money they don’t care what color u are!!! It’s not always about race

missbutts85 But they closed schools and rec centers? The money need to be invested in things that will keep them out of trouble to begin with.

benjammin100k Needs to go to schools and teachers

polishedperfectionboutique @drejohnson1 feeling like we put too much emphasis on institutions instead if putting emphasis on these kids at Home

hunnithik Children are becoming increasingly uncontrollable. Some parents are sending their children to school to be raised. Teachers are being tasked with raising 35 kids for 7 hours, 5 days a week. If WE don’t raise OUR kids and stop waiting for outside programs to raise them, then this will be the first of many facilities built for the State to raise those kids.

ericasmith74 Why not take 30 million and invest in our youths future by creating programs that just might help them stay out of trouble… @drejohnson1

capricornchevymeka I’m not surprised @drejohnson1 , the money need to be in the city to help, open up the recreation centers again, these kids need a place to go, in the summer, after school. The kids don’t have an outlet. Then these business owner, or stores that were looted. How much of the city budget will be used. Build a jail, for the ones that actually committed crimes, but it don’t need to be $30 mil.

drkingdre They would after the riots. They need to take that money and invest in the schools and jobs. Smh

kissme_kima You got to be kidding me. They think the riots was bad, now these teenagers are crying for help and y’all still can’t hear.

amandakdubya why not put $30 million into schools and programs keeping teenagers out of trouble, there’s a thought

djdre1990_ Why Not Take That 30 Mill and Build Schools And More Recs So The Wont Be Trouble Teens? Thats What Kept Me Out Of Trouble SMH




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