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Wedding bells rang out in D.C. but for all the wrong reason on this week’s Scandal. Cyrus’ pending nuptials came roaring back and Sally Langston returned to create drama for the Grant administration. The OPA gang embarked on a clean up of epic proportions: Cyrus’ long-standing engagement. The White House’s Chief of Staff’s personal life once again made the headlines after Cy’s fake fiancée Michael was busted at a gay club messing around with another man.

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Once Olivia assessed the problem, she advised her former mentor to get hitched soon and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! How can Cyrus say,I Doat the residence of the world’s most powerful man, who happens to be a Republican?! With the First Lady’s blessing as she played the hostess, of course. Olivia pitched Mellie; she supports the union and hosted the event in the Rose Garden, which gave her the perfect campaign platform once she ran for Senate.

The reluctant ragtag group got down to business to help Cyrus pull off his quickie wedding to Michael. As the posse underwent the task to save Cy, viewers got a chance to see via flashbacks, his relationships, which started off with him getting engaged to his first wife Janet. Cy popped the question to Janet when he ran for comptroller. Just when you started to wonder, how Cy became an openly gay man who dominated Capitol Hill, we saw on his wedding day Cyrus shut down one of his groomsmen that kept pressuring him to continue theirracquetballgames (code for the affair). Later, the couple ended their 16-year marriage once Janet confronted Cyrus about being gay, as he attempted to run for Congress.

Back in the present time, things went well for the OPA crew until Sally Langston popped up with a Fox News-esque television show, which she used to go after Cyrus and declared his relationship was a sham, and she had proof. It turned out Michael had a seven-month affair, and Sally booked his lover as her guest to nail Cyrus. Sally also knew first-hand knowledge Olivia and company plotted the wedding courtesy of Abby’s pillow talk with Leo. When will this girl ever learn to keep quiet?! Liv tried to bribe Sally with a Secretary of State job if she killed the interview, but the former Vice President wanted to out the lie being perpetrated with the wedding. Later, Liv told Cy the only thing he can do to salvage the mess, was to toss Michael to the wolves and pretended to be the jilted party. Everyone scrambled to beat Sally; Cyrus met with Michael’s parents, who the young lad tried not to be included in the ruse. Why was he scared for Cyrus to meet the almost in-laws? Michael’s parents are homophobic who went so far as to send him off to camp to befixed” from being gay. Michael’s father ripped the fake couple about their lifestyles at dinner, while his mother reveled in the huge payday, they scored courtesy of Elizabeth North.

Meanwhile, we saw another flashback of Cyrus getting married the second time around with James, where the latter of the two was nervous, he’d lose his journalistic integrity once he married the POTUS’s right-hand man. The couple managed to overcome their issues after Cyrus assured James he’d never had to sacrifice his ethics. Fitz confronted Liv about resigning her post as Director of Communications, where she admits she just couldn’t stay on at the White House with the feelings she has for him. Fitz gave her his grandmother’ ring,doux bébé, French for sweet baby,the nickname he has for Olivia. The same ring Liv never takes off and the one she threw at Fitz after she returned from being held prisoner. All occurred in Vermont, hence it is the special place Olivia wanted to move to with Fitz where she can make jam all day long.

Later, Cyrus and James are about to start their honeymoon; we see Cy promptly broke his promise to James, when he used his husband to plant a story in order to protect Fitz’s immigration reform plan.

On the day of Cyrus planned to announce the end to his engagement, he called the entire thing off. Liv called Sally’s bluff with proof her late husband, Daniel Douglas was one of Michael’s top clients. Liv informed ole’ Sally, she would drop that tea if she ran the story. A defeated Sally, dropped the story, while Cyrus took the moment to be honest and upfront with Michael. Cyrus informed him the marriage wasn’t based on love, and Michael deserved to have someone by his side since he was by himself. As the two got hitched, Fitz noticed Olivia wore his ring, which signified the two still had home for their relationship. Wonder what Jake will say about this?


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