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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Today is Dr. Cathy Hughes Day! We salute the founder of Radio One. Name one person that has made a difference in your life & why? #92qjams #BALTIMORE #MARYLAND #BMORE #Monday

mani_and_puda_dad My kids for cuz they changed me and made me a better man (especially my daughter )

just_b_n_me_126  My mother has made a difference n my life. She’s taught me about God, respect, honesty, n truth. Definitely have helped me along the way n on day to day activities. @drejohnson1

mylifemypicz  I would have to say my grandmother Mrs. OWENS!! She always has been positive and stayed on my back to grow up and be the women I am today.

dynamic511  My old boss, Dominik Eckenstein. I started working for him 21 years ago as a housekeeper. By him believing in me I start my new position as Staff Accountant on October 1. He taught me a lot while I worked for him.

a1tyesha  My Pastor @pastordjohnson because he’s as real as it get. He’s a man of God and he know the word and how to keep everyone on the right path.. Thank God for Manifested Glory Worship Center

1_hunnit_shots  My fiancé!!! That girl keep me on my “a” game. Got life feeling like more than stress now. “I ain’t got no worries!”

satianashae  My son, because he has motivated me to do things to better myself as a mother and has made me an all around better person. #happymonday

styleandgrace25  My love @greasydawg4 He’s motivated me on so many ways on becoming a better person. Good man!! Much respect to my baby bear! 💜🐮

mr_yea I would say my wife @loyal__beautee because she Is my strength and my rib and backbone she reminds Me of WhY marriage is so great and she keeps me grounded

loyal__beautee Awww thanks babe😘😘 @mr_yea and @drejohnson1 yup!!!

vicky_u_14 U of course. U r such a beautiful person. Love Victoria :-) :-)

Cornell Willis Dr. Miles Harrison and the 1969 Morgan state Lacrosse Team.. Without them, I may not have ever been inspired to play!


Congratulations To Radio One Founder & Chairperson Cathy Hughes


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