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Wait…wait and WAIT! While we know that many would love to rush to judgement here…we sort of think Joseline‘s social media account might have been hacked. No…let us be honest…we are HOPING her social media account was attacked because this stuff here is trifling…even for her!

As we previously reported, Stevie J told TMZ that Joseline cheated on him. However, the number of would be jump-off’s had not yet been confirmed by Stevie. Well, according to Vlad TV, those numbers are running kind of high!

Whispers have been floating around that Joseline has been creeping on Stevie and actually got herself pregnant by one of her side pieces. Actually the rumor is that she is pregnant by Rick Ross…but the pregnancy rumors have yet to be confirmed.

She has allegedly been getting it on all over town. And worst of all she’s reportedly been “loving the crew” too as it’s being reported that she also got with some of Stevie’s friends as well!

Stevie recently tweeted,

“Took her from the strip club & off her back & she sleeps on me with over 30 dudes even gay men. #staytuned.”

Over THIRTY?!!! We would love to know where he got that number…but we digress!

But worse than Stevie’s tweet was Joseline’s because it confirmed that she cheated with loads of men, including some high-profile celebrity names.  Among her hit list, names such as Drake, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Nelly came up.  Joseline even confirmed that she slept with some of Stevie’s friends.  She also posted pictures of text conversations she had with various people, which date back to 2012, so she’s allegedly been sliding to the left on Stevie for quite some time.

Stevie’s last tweet regarding Joseline  was,

“This is a bad dream!!!”

If this is true and she wasn’t hacked…then there is going to be a lot of explaining going on over the next few weeks! Now would be a great time to break to the kitchen to get your peanuts and corn for popping…it’s about to get good! She allegedly named names….this means those guys are now on the spot to either confirm or deny getting with her…and we don’t really think they want to confirm it. Just saying!

Oh the ratchetry!



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