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I have a special introvert in my life and sometimes it frustrates me when he’s not the social butterfly that I am, but he’s still special. He doesn’t like big crowds and he doesn’t like the limelight. He prefers a quiet night at home, in front of the TV and a snack in his hand (big cup of juice or soda in the other).

He’s not big on name brands and he doesn’t prefer to purchase the biggest selling electronic because the ad says it’s best. He’s just….him. I love him…I do. I just want him to kind of you know…live a little!

Of course, he won’t change and you shouldn’t want to change him because that’s what makes him special. HOWEVER…the holidays are here and so are the party invites! What do you do???

Found a few tips! Like to hear them…here you go:

Make yourself useful. If you’re at a party, help serve the food. You’re interacting, but you’re doing your own thing. I call it pretend mingling.

Occupy your own time. If you’re trapped in a room full of people visiting with each other, work a puzzle or knit while you talk. The busywork creates “psychic space. (maybe take out your phone. But then again, that’s impolite)


Prioritize times of quiet. This is essential. It’s not selfish, it is taking care of oneself so the body, mind and heart is ready to go out and participate, serve and celebrate with excellence. Too many external activities with people is exhausting for the introvert. Exhausted introverts can turn snappy, tired, weary, clumsy, and worn out. I hate when that happens. Whether it is in my job or at a party, I want to be all there, able to participate and enjoy myself. So do you.


Good luck and happy holidays!


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