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Should you ever go back to your ex?

  • Hell no they an ex for a reason I never look backwards
  • Usually I would say no. BUT I don’t think there’s a definite yes or no. There have been stories of couples that broke up and years later they reunite after learning what they needed to learn to be together.
  • Only for sex when I couldn’t find a new partnership..lol
  • Depending on why we broke up…some ppl deserve a 2nd chance & others deserve a front row seat in hell
  • That depends on how much fun we had.. If we had a lot of fun together then I would do it again with an ex…
  • Tell’em to kick rocks with open toe shoes because it’s on to the next.  Another one bites the dust!
  • Depends on who dumped who sometimes…some are to never be looked back upon and maybe…just maybe…one of them could be the “one that got away”
  • If I love you and we broke up on good terms then yeah but if we act like animals then no but it all depends on how much love you have for each other and that’s real talk
  • I recently tried this, u want my final answer? Hell to the mutha f’ing NO. Same ole tricks, different year and ain’t nobody got time for that!! Nuf said, I’m done GOD bless and good night!!

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