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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever heard? #92qjams #BALTIMORE #MARYLAND #thursday#bmore

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Ppl r 4ever lying about $, what they have/don’t/how they get it but biggest lie is when some1 says they’re not gonna die but do

Matthew E. Bradby II‏@BishopBradbee @DreJohnson1 The biggest lies I was ever told was there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq & we have a government by the ppl 4the ppl

Dynamic511‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 coworker for years saying he wasn’t married when in fact he was married over 30 years or more.

Kenya Johnson‏@kenyatikia @DreJohnson1 biggest lie I heard is you the daddy!

Oddessa Cookie BeautifulOne  “I’m not a jeloeous type of guy…says most guys

djbunk1058 @drejohnson1 The Ravens wasn’t going to the Super Bowl again #RavenNation😎GM Dre

boogie_thegr8 That I Couldn’t Grow Up 2 Be A Successful, Educated, Black Man! Proved There asses wrong….GM DRE!!!

1dimplez3tats_iam @drejohnson1 Dude tells chick, I am a private person and don’t want any pictures up on Facebook for job reasons, but there are pictures up? Just not with the 2 of them? GM

kdh_26″ I’m not like most girls” says most girls😒

theresumeking I’m pregnant

ima_rebellious_soul_ The women I know that claim she hit the lottery last year and was all on the news

mrscookie73 @drejohnson1 I’m not a jeloeous type guy – says most guys!!! GM

know_meme My best friend’s ex told her his dad died just for some attention. Bought a sympathy card and everything!! Needless to say….his dad is alive and well….and that relationship didn’t last long bc she found out he was alive through his WIFE!!

diva_browneye Gm Dre…trust me babe that’s my godson, he got my name cos his daddy didn’t want him …lmao

jptrintaylor @drejohnson1 that the raven was never. Going 2 win another superbowl

3lindvision Joe Flacco won’t win the super bowl … @drejohnson1

cass_uh_nay We would never have a black president!!!!! #lies

long_live_vito You don’t do s**t for ya babies, I need this I need that, all the time, plus imma keep you on papers. But who the first you call when you need something for them….? Me n***a. @drejohnson1

yjones41 My son father,stayed out allnight and whn he finally came home,his answer after bn asked,where da hell you been allnight was He got hit by a car..dfl…trye shyt!! That lie got him out on his azx

red_d_4ur_closeup For the people, by the people! That’s why the people’s government is shut down and the people are sitting home, right?

theres_something_about_nicky I will never leave you..

bladesbunny That to govt had to shut down ….. Signed, I want my damn check

llcherry0306 I’m not unhappy single lol… But on FB all the time venting



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