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It didn’t surprise me when I read that NBA baller Lamar Odom hired famous attorney, Robert Shapiro to defend him in his recent DUI arrest that took place in L.A. last week.

If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Shapiro, he’s the same attorney who helped get OJ Simpson off that murder charge way back when. Also, he was on the same legal team with Robert Kardashian, Sr. (Khloe’s father). Get the connection now?

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Lamar has hired Shapiro in what promises to be a sticky situation.  TMZ broke the story … Lamar was popped early Friday AM on the 101 Freeway … and cops believe he was under the influence of both drugs and booze.

Shapiro is known for plea bargaining.   These cases are pretty standard — he’ll probably plead no contest to one count of DUI and get probation.  He’ll also be required to attend an alcohol ed class.  And, since he refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test, he’ll automatically get his driver’s license yanked for 1 year.  No getting around that.

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