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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. The Supreme Court says yes to allow DNA testing as part of the normal booking process like finger prints & mug shots. Do you agree or disagree? @drejohnson1 #baltimore #92q #tuesday

Toairay Tee Tee Tuggle-Lewis Totally disagree!!!

Chereese Barrett I agree to disagree. Ok repeat offenders ok sure fine but then it’s our bodies so we control them right??? That’s what I thought. I guess to a point we don’t but then what will they be doing next??? On the low sticking chips in our bodies??? Makes you wonder.

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Tough, but I don’t agree*Detectives have 2 build a case as well as prosecutors*Evidence like DNA has 2 b interpreted correctly

Baltimore B‏@BmoreInform @DreJohnson1 dont like the ruling, but not surprised. the dna database is the new fingerprint. #bigbrother #breakfastbite

Raven’s Nation‏@Ravensdfens @DreJohnson1 agree. allow the law to take proactive measures to eliminate crime in this era. All these conspiracy theorist have a seat fools

Matthew E. Bradby II‏@MatthewBradby @DreJohnson1 GM if the legal system was on the up and up I would say yes but corruption has caused me to say no.

Dani- Renee‏@danilovinmylocs @DreJohnson1 as long as the officials handling the results are not crooked I’m all for it. May easily convict for outstanding cases.

Slew Rockson I think it’s just as good as fingerprinting

Diana AfricanItalianroots Pandzik women pee in that dam cup and get bloodwork. …so they been had DNA on file. ..they slow for just now announcing it can be used against u. n what can’t be used against u anymore??? give me a break…. can’t walk talk shit breathe without them ppls anyway!

Deidre Bryan I agree..the way this world is nowadays. ..identity theft and all that foolishness is off the chain.

phhorseyI don’t know why there voting on it they have already been doing this to guys over central booking I’ve seen it done myself

tiffstar_04I agree!!! Maybe we can solve more crimes…

ashleybrewtonI agree with the situation b/c DNA is very accurate, although they may mix up people’s DNA that’s the only con I can think of and that’s not a good look because people’s freedom would be involved.

a1ebony724Sex offenders, Murders, Yes 100% . @drejohnson1

tothebreakofdawnI agree

daveth3kingThe eventual goal is for the government to be able to identify everyone in order to better exert their influence over our lives. So it is going to happen whether we agree or not.

dooksmomkimAbsolutely! Many offenders are repeat offenders! A file needs to be established on them in case they commit more than one crime! If you don’t want to be tested, then don’t commit a crime! However, I think the DNA tests should be primarily be for sex offenders and murderers!

boricua3177If you don’t want your DNA collected, then don’t do anything that can land you jail…period. I see nothing wrong with that ruling.

dooksmomkimSorry for the extra “be”… Don’t read that part lol



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