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Tuesday’s show was all about listeners giving up on love:

I actually voiced that I was giving up on love and within the next two days I found it. I think we have to give up on our own delusions of what love is to actually open ourselves up to receive the real thing. It’s like we’re blocking the blessing that is coming to us by putting barriers on it. – Karlin

I wouldn’t say “gave up”. I just decided not to actively seek. Which is a different approach that I thought would be good. There’s so much foolery in today’s society, you have to be extra cautions. Good things come to those that wait. If that means giving up on it for a while, then so be it. It will come when you least expect it……imo – Kwesi

I have given up for now. Trying to trust again is very difficult and I don’t want to commit to relationship while still thinking if I’ll get hurt again. It would not be fair to her and the relationship would not last. – Rafael

I don’t know what to believe anymore! I believe in love, cause I seem to fall in it a lot….but I end up just being “me” and not “us” – Tyra

Yes, because nowadays nothing and no one is true or real. People are too busy trying to play games and not trying to get to know each other. Smh – Willow

Im not givin up on love. i was recently let dwn by a woman who i thought was the love of my life but i no it wasnt love that made her fall for the other guy, i totally blame her. i no GOD took her cruddy ass out of my life to make room for someone really special! – Dominic

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