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With the recent indictments of employees of The Baltimore Detention Center for all sorts of illegal activity by corrections officers.  It appears to me that the conversation has turned away from the criminal activity and focused mostly on the 4 officers that became pregnant by one inmate.  It appears that this story has opened up the debate once again on a woman’s ability to do a man’s job.

Are there jobs in 2013 that women shouldn’t do? Here are a few comments from the show:

  • I think weak, stupid women don’t need certain jobs. Most women in the position of c.o. wouldn’t look at an inmate twice.
  • I was a CO out Jessup 14 yrs ago and notice I said “was”and it was not for me at all because women working in an all male prisons are targets for all kinds of everyday abuse. It was effecting my personal life and relationship. My hat goes off to any woman who can deal with the prison system but they better be professionals and have self-control and believe me it’s hard because there  some nice looking bless men in prison
  • People will be people and fall for temptation no matter what!! Lets not begin to discriminate against people for the poor decisions of 4 ignorant young ladies!! There are plenty of men in powerful positions that are married and made babies out-of-wedlock. Should other men be banned from those powerful positions because of the last man?
  • Honestly no women can do any job just as or even better than some men. the problem is I believe women tend to make their job part of their own personal life I mean it would be hard for anyone if you see someone attractive and have to see them everyday for 8 to 10 hours but I do believe women fall for this behavior a lot faster than men.

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