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It’s easy to say you want a divorce but what stops you in your tracks is the financial aspect of the process. If you’ve tried everything in your power to save your marriage and nothing is working out, try to follow these steps to help you along financially:

Gather financial documents: Make copies of these. Go through our Financial Information Checklist to see what other financial and legal documents you should gather and copy as well. Secure the copies with a trusted friend or family member, or use a safe deposit box that your husband can’t access.


Assess your credit: Request a copy of your credit report, and correct any misinformation it contains. Good credit is the foundation of your financial future, so watch it carefully! Without credit it can be near impossible to obtain loans for any purpose, or even to manage the expenses of running your household. If your husband is using your joint credit cards to buy his girlfriend gifts this holiday season, you’ll want to be able to document that.

Open accounts in your own name: As a single woman, you will need your own bank accounts and credit cards. It is not too soon to set these up. Use a different bank than where you currently have joint accounts, and open both savings and checking accounts in your name alone.


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