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With exactly one week left until Thanksgiving, preparations for the holiday may already be in effect.  Thanksgiving calls for a time to relax with family and enjoy the food and company from family and friends, the holiday brings. However, it may also add to your “Things to Do” list, especially if you will be hosting Thanksgiving for your family this year. Everything from buying the items from the grocery store to cleaning the house can seem a bit overwhelming. So where do you begin? Here is a checklist to get you through the preparations and planning of a successful holiday dinner:

  • If you are hosting, make sure you have plenty of clean linens and towels
  • Begin to clean the house to make your home presentable (mop, sweep, wipe down walls, dusting etc.)
  • Begin to clean out your refrigerator and freezer to clear space that will be needed.
  • Begin to organize the dishes and place setting for your guests.
  • Buy the rest of your perishables for  Thanksgiving Day

Being prepared and organized will alleviate the stress of the holiday season. Follow these steps and you will be on the right track to a successful and fun filled Thanksgiving Day. Good Luck!

 Thansksgiving Planning Checklist!