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It can be very difficult when you find out that a loved one or a friend is diagnosed with cancer.  As a friend, you want to be there for that loved one or friend as much as possible. What they need the most is a great support system.

I have a near and dear friend, whom I consider a sister, that is suffering from cancer. It’s difficult to hold it all in. Unfortunately, ain’t nobody got time for that! So, I wipe my eyes  and paste a smile on my face because I know that’s what she would want. Plus, she hates when I cry (she actually teases me about it). I don’t like hospitals and I find it hard to be supportive when all I want to do is cry and hug her until my arms hurt from holding her so tight. Well, can’t do that either so what’s my next plan?

You can’t dwell in the hurt! It’s about dwelling in the HOPE! Their minds are already focused on so many other things that are way more important than you and your issues. Here are a  few tips on what you can do to help your loved on dealing with cancer.

  • Offer to Locate Resources
  • Remain Upbeat and Positive
  • Stayed Focused and Calm
  • Cook for their family. Stretch food like spaghetti, chili, or chicken noodle soup helps take the load off.
  • Organize therapy transportation
  • Babysit or pet sit
  • Make them a collage of pics from the times you spent together
  • Create a mix CD of soft, melodic music or a playlist of their favorite songs for them to listen to while they’re in the hospital.


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