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Iknow you’re dealing with a lot right now so it’s understandable that you snap when something irritates you. Just calm down. You have a quiet house right now so take this time to de-stress!

Follow these tips:

Book a LOCAL vacation for yourself.  It doesn’t need to be an extravagant affair, just an opportunity to get out of your everyday life and take some time for yourself.  It can even be just a day to yourself, walking around a park

Turn off the computer, the television and the phone.  Technology, though great in many ways, has an amazing habit of adding to our stress level by giving us a million opportunities to use our time poorly.  It often acts as a distraction, which can be good, but only if used in a positive way.

Eat well and drink plenty of water.  Yes, it’s good for your body, which means it’s good for your mental well-being as well.  If you are eating good foods, your mind responds in kind.  Sugary, caffeine-laden foods put your blood sugar on a roller coaster, affecting your mood and keeping your off-kilter.

Sleep.  You need about 7 hours of good sleep (non-interrupted, that is) to function properly.  Lack of sleep is bad for the body and the mind, and adds to your stress level.

Exercise every day in some form or another.

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