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Business Never Personal….that was an old EPMD album title right? Well it’s true!

Understand Radio is A Business first and foremost and anything interpreted as such should be respected. Jobs come and go but if you’re good at what you do, you’ll always land another one. Never burn a bridge that you might need to cross back over for a reference or a future job opportunity. Keep your personal feelings out of all interactions and realize that you don’t have to go home or live with someone in management but that their position as it relates to your job is paramount to your success within a company. “Play the Game”

Stay Away From Drama – Plain and Simple. Don’t Gossip, Don’t Be Negative, or associate with colleagues that thrive off of someone elsea misery or misfortunes. Avoid toxic co-workers who are miserable on their job and just as miserable in their personal life.

Develop Relationships that Matter – Position yourself around people in management or staffers that can assist you to get to that next level.  Align yourself with like-minded co-workers who share your same passion & work ethic. It will help to fuel your drive when you see others working just as hard as you are to achieve success.

Network – Don’t blow off attending the company holiday party. This will be your chance to sit down one on one with someone you never realized could help you meet your goals. Attend station events, music meetings, brainstorming meetings, stop by your station’s General Manager’s office.  This will give you a chance to experience what it is you may want to do next on your career path. Stay Professional and Mature. Don’t be afraid to break the ice with a smile or kind word.

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