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Jerry Sandusky Of Penn State Is Now Facing The State Penn!!!

Jerry Sandusky the former Penn State assistant coach to the late Joe Paterno is now officially up sh*ts creek without a paddle as he was convicted for 41 out of 48 counts of sexual assault by a jury. He now faces up to 500 years in prison if convicted and is currently under suicide watch by police. It seems he’s one to commit a big crime but can face the BIG house to do BIG time!!! For more details click here: and for more check this out:

Rodney King’s Fiancée Not Invited To The Funeral!!!

Since the sudden death of her soon to be husband Rodney King, Cynthia Kelley has been shunned by King’s family and has not been invited by the family to attend the funeral services! She apparently hasn’t even attempted to make funeral arrangements for him!!! And the family isn’t speaking to her until a cause of death had been determined and for good reason especially with her changing her story regarding King’s death several times! For more details click here:

Dwayne Wade’s Father Sued Over A College Loan?!?!

Apparently a college loan of $4,630.46 was taken out by D-Wade’s father back in 2001 and was never repaid eventually totaling up to $6,221.44. Which is chump change to his millionaire son, but still? For more details click here:

Soulja Boy Involved in Car Crash!!!

Soulja Boy has reportedly been involved in a car crash when apparently his bodyguard driver r crashed the rappers Bentley after supposedly crossing into the opposite lane and hitting a driver waiting at a red light. Sources say Soulja wasn’t at fault though the details are still unclear. For more details click here:

Singer The Dream Is Facing A Legal Nightmare

Legal issues arise for R&B singer/song-writer The Dream as he is being sued by a victim injured in a car crash in which he was never involved in!!! It seems that the victim is taking legal action after one of the dreams an engineer who according to The Dream is not affiliated with his label, crashed into the victim resulting in an almost fatal car crash. For more details click here:

DMX Avoids 630k Lawsuit!!!

DMX avoids the frying pan and puts out the fire as the promotions company that had filed the suit against him dropped the charge. It was all in relation to DMX failed commitment to do shows for his upcoming “DMX Undisputed The Comeback Tour”. But I think a lawsuit is the least of his worries…let’s hope his comeback is a permanent one. I said let’s HOPE! For more details click here:

Bubba Sparxxx Ain’t Paid His Taxes!!!

What is the deal with rappers and singers not paying that damn TAXES!!! Well along with R- Kelly, Lauren Hill it looks like rapper Bubba Sparxx the former Timberland right hand MC owes $29,266.88 in unpaid taxes from 2006 almost double from the original 15k he originally owed once fees and interest were added. From more details on this story click here:

Kris H Knows That Kim K Slept With Kanye?!?!!

Not that he has indefinite proof that Kim Kardashian slept with rapper Kanye West before they were married it sure seems to be what Nets basketball star Kris Humphries thinks! According to some sweet gossip by his ex-fling Myla Sinanaj she tells TMZ reporters that Kris said he felt something was amiss when Kanye was reported to be a close friend of Kim’s but wasn’t invited to the wedding. Suspicious right? Maybe a little. For more details click here:

Want To Know Who Will Be Preforming At The BET Awards?


Well all I can say is it will be a star studded event with a little old a little new and a few supriese along the way. With Samuel L. Jackson hosting it should be pretty interesting. For more details click here:

Karrueche Playing The Side Chick Role To Rihanna?!

I looks like Chris Breezy’s girlfriend…I mean side chick is holding her peace over rumors that her man and his ex lover Rihanna are well…not really ex’s!!! how would you deal with a situation like this? For more details click here:


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