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Halle Berry Forced to Pay Big $$$ To Her Baby Daddy In  Child Support

Super star actress Halle Berry will have to cough up some serious dough as to her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry as a family court judge order her to pay nearly $250,000 in child support!!! That’s almost $20,000 a month!!! For more details click here:

Adidas Shoe Designer Speaks Out On His Controversial Shackle Shoe Design

Adidas shoe designer Jeremy Scott is coming fourth to defend his name and the controversial shackle shoes dubbed the “JS Roundhouse Mids” that he designed. According to Sohh.com he explains his inspiration for his shoe designs are inspired from his child hood, toys and cartoons and he never meant to cause any tension with his creation. For more details click here:

Was WWE Wrestler John Cena Putting The “Smackdown”

On someone Other Than His Wife?

His soon to be ex-wife sure thinks so!!! And she’s out to prove it!!! Liz Cena was hit with divorce papers after 3 years of marriage to her high school sweetheart John Cena. Why? She doesn’t have a clue! But she believes that it’s because he was showing a few of his moves to another woman! For more information on this story click here:

Mike Tyson Gets Super Candid For The Camera!!!

Mike Tyson gives a candid spill on his issues. Talking about everything from pill popping to prostitute hunting and much more!!! I guess Mr. Tyson has a lot to say about his past and his big plans for the future.  From more details click here:

Shaquille O’ Neal Named “Father OF The Year”

He’s great on the court and he’s an even greater off the court! With being a dad!!! According to Bossip.com the big man was awarded the honor by the “National Father’s Day Council”. Congrats to Shaq on the award, maybe he can give some of this lesser father’s a positive role model to look up to!  For more details on this story click here:

Kanye Screaming F**K What A Hater Got To Say!!! It’s Me And Kim All Day!!!

Unlike the rest of the world it seems that Kanye Doesn’t care about Kim’s illicit sex tape past. Kanye being the martial that he is has thrown her past to the wind and could care less if people talk because they can walk! And kim says that he understands and respects her troubled past but it made her millions so who cares!!! It’s all love round here!!! For more details on this story click here: 

Its Kris Against Kris!!! Humphries Claims Jenner Staged Kim K’s SEX TAPE!!!

As if things couldn’t get any stickier and more complicated for Kris Humphries it seems that he is stating that Kim Kardashian’s mom Kris Jenner staged her daughter sex tape with R&B singer Ray J!!! We all know Jenner is a conniving money hungry fame whore who will exploit her own family’s problems for high ratings and quick millions but this!?!?!? For more details on this story click here:

Looks like MJ’s Killer Is “Thrilled” To Finally Be Treaetd To Some Clean Clothes!!!

One of the most hated men in the world next to George Zimmerman and Al-Quaeida, Dr. Conrad Murray is finally breathing a slight sigh of relief as he gets some fresh air, undies and linens. He’s been locked up in an L.A. County jail since his indictment and says the living conditions are HORRIBLE!!! …Well so was killing the world’s greatest pop icon so SUCK IT UP!!! For more details click here:

Jennifer Williams Can’t Pay Them Basketball Bills Without Them Basketball Checks!!!

It seems that times are hard for basketball wife Jennifer Williams as the The Toyota Motor Credit Corporation in Syosset, NY is coming for her ride!!!According to Bossip.com she stopped making payments on her 2006 Bently in 2009 and the bill has accumulated to a whopping $92,310!!! They’ve tried to repossess the car several times peacefully but have failed so now their taking matters to the courts!!! For more details click here:

Fabololus Firing Shots!!!

Well take a look and I’ll let you be the judge. Click here:

The BET Awards Has Some New Old Talent!!!

Looks like the BET Awards will be featuring the late singer Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy Houston!!! She will be preforming a tribute in memory to her daughter, which should be as touching as it will be great. For more details click here:

Evelyn Lozonda Gets Candid With Kandi On Her Nightime Talk Show

Evelyn Lozonda gets down and dirty with Kandi and tell some of her sex secrets on how she keeps her man happy. Also Rapper Lil Scrappy’s mom “Dee” shared her story on how she made it in difficult times by PIMPING HO’S!!! For the full story click here:

Lil Kim Calls Drake  A Pu**y!!!

Drake just can’t catch a break can he? Even after this whole beef with Chris Brown it seems not that his now taking shots at Lil Kim!!! And she had a few choice words for the YMCMB rapper!!! For more details click here: