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You Know the Club Brawl With Drizzy & Chris Brown? Now Here’s The Footage That Shows How It All Went Down!!!

Now after the madness has somewhat settled and the true events that took place that night between Chris Brown and Drake are being clarified by the respective witnesses and victims there arises FOOTAGE OF THE INCIDENT!!! And it seems MMG rapper Meek Mill was involved after all!!! Want to know more?! Click here:

Is Trina Braxton Pulling A J-Lo Rebound? Apparently So With Music Mogul Cee Lo!!!

Now we’ve all heard of odd couples, but this one takes the cake!!! According to Bossip.com after a grueling divorce from her longtime husband Gabe Solis, Trina Braxton wasted no time in finding her a new man! It appears that the two are an item now, but one always wonders…is it just a reality TV publicity stunt? Or is Cee Lo the kind of man she really wants? Hey looks aren’t everything right? Right?! Want to know more? Click here:

Did Aretha Franklin Eat A $40,000 Plate Of Food And Skip Out On the Bill?!?!

Legendary singer Aretha Franklin was reported by TMZ.com to have enjoyed a fabulous meal at President Barack Obama’s fundraising dinner. But did she skip out on the tab? And if so what exactly was she rating that cost $40,000 dollars!!! That’s more than most people make in a year! Well with a price tag like that I’d put a new meaning to eat and run!!! Want to know the full story? Click here:

RZA From The Wu-Tang Clan Goes To Jail!!!…To Teach Juvenile Inmates Good Parenting Skills

Well even the incarcerated need to know how to take care of their kids…even if they don’t take care of their kids. Rapper RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan visited an L.A. County probation department to teach the Juveniles a thing or two about how to be a good parent. For more details click here:

Roscoe Dash Says After The Bottle Brawl With Chris Brown His Respect For Drake & Meek Mill Was Gone With A Flash!

Rapper Roscoe Dash went to twitter to voice his opinion on the whole bottle brawl with rapper Drake and singer Chris Brown. Mentioning both Meek Mill and Drake on twitter Dash voices his distaste for his associates’ actions and puts someone in their place while he’s at it! For more details click here:

Floyd’s Favor Flops: Denied House Arrest by Judge

Well I guess money can’t buy you everything. Especially your freedom when you’re sentenced to a 3 month sentence like world class boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr was for beating his ex- girlfriend. According to Bossip.com Mayweather was reverting back to infancy when complaining about his failing physical condition behind bars. For more details click here:

R.I.P:  A Sad Goodbye To “Moesha” Actress Yvette Wilson

Tears of sadness are shed today as we are shocked by the passing of Actress Yvette Wilson who’s most famously known for her role on the 90’s show “Moesha” and her comedic role on “The Parkers”. After a long battle with cervical cancer she passed on home to glory at the age of 48. To find out more click here: