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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Any issues on your mind this morning good or bad? What?
“@quettagotthis29: @DreJohnson1 I hate when somebody tells me a dumb lie!!!like wtf ”

“@urbanwulf: @DreJohnson1 female drivers. The worse.”

“@SClassAtItsBest: This damn election das comin up.

Yvonne Artis I HATE Ppl who work @ Food Restaurants who are sweaty, And they take their arm and Wipe Sweat n keep Cook`n yuck……No Thanx, I dn`t want Any!!

Reef Black these messed up roads keep tearing my car apart.

Kevin Boardley when the mta alway has delay without telling u when waiting on for.

Selma Fulgham Why men dont recognize real woman? they like bucket chicks with no class.

Jermaine Townes Rest Eazy Lil Dee Dee….My heart iz heavy this week…

“@HrmLssFlirt: @DreJohnson1 I’m good this morning. Got a promotion yesterday. Mood on superman high.

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