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With my good friend Kelson aka The Urban Informer leaving the 92Q family, I began thinking on how people resign from their jobs and the many stories I’ve heard of people so called going out with a “BANG”!!! Now there is nothing wrong with leaving a memorable impression, but let that memory be a good one. No one wants to be remembered as the person who told the whole office a piece of their mind and told their boss to “KISS MY… (Well you know the rest)” and storm out the building. Below are a few tips on how you leave your job on good terms and not burn bridges that you may have to cross again in the future.

Give your employer a notice in a timely manner:

 At least two weeks is the standard, but some jobs require at least a month notice in order to train someone to fill your position. It’s always best to have your resignation in writing along with the date you plan to leave.

Finish incomplete assignments:

No one wants to have to pick up the slack you left behind from your unfinished work. It’s unfair to your replacement and also shows that you’re not very reliable in completing your work on time. So please wrap up any unfinished projects and makes sure to pass your notes and advice along to your replacement so they’re prepared to take your position.

Train your replacement:

Make sure you replacement can do your job as well as you did!!! It’s not saying that they can replace you in every aspect but at least give them the tools and advice necessary to excel at their new job. In the end it makes you look good when they say they were trained by you!

Leave with dignity!!!

Don’t be that person who curses out the whole office and gives everyone you don’t like a piece of your mind. Just because you’re moving on to another employer you may need a recommendation from the former one. It’s always good to have your former employer speak highly of you so don’t make a scene. Just grab your belongings, say your goodbyes and leave quietly.