My producer attended his little sister’s graduation yesterday.  He was telling me that during the ceremony the people behind him were so rude!! They were screaming after every single name which really irritated the hell out of him!! So much to the point that he had to tell them to SHUT UP!!! The principle even stated before the reading of the names to “Please hold your celebration until the end after every graduates’ name had been called”. Yet, as you have already guessed, no one listened. They were screaming and yelling after hearing their child’s name; shrieking right into his ears!! It got to a point where he and his mother got headaches from the people behind him shouting so loudly. At my son’s gradation, I was not that disrespectful and just clapped when his name was called, but afterwards I SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF!!!

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Graduation days are upon us.  With this in mind, there is certain etiquette that must be adhered to when attending your graduate’s ceremony. Here are a few rules of engagement.

Silence your cell phones!! (No one wants to be that person who interrupts the ceremony with a blaring ringtone.)

Don’t leave after your graduate’s name has been called!! (Be courteous and wait for all the graduates to receive their diploma. It’s rude to just leave before everyone had been commemorated.)

Hold your applause until every graduate’s name has been called!! (I know it’s hard to contain your excitement, but in your celebration you drown out the announcer. Everyone wants to hear their graduate’s name being called, so please wait until the end to scream.)

 Don’t bring small children!! (Small children have a hard time staying in one place for too long. On top of that,  they cry… very loud!! So please,  if your child is not out of toddler and infancy stages leave them at home or with a sitter. Besides, they don’t know what’s going on anyway.)

 Don forget your tickets!! (Simply put no ticket NO ENTRY!!)


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