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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What will make Baltimore a better city?

John Quinton Gregory Spivey ANOTHER MAYOR!

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Another mayor and more of a police presence in the communities. Last week, my car was vandalized to the tune of $2000, while parked in front of my door and the police shrugged it off.

Reef Black when we stop hating and kiling each other.

Jermaine Townes They wanna close recreation centers….now its a problem when kids create things 2do.

Andrea Onmygrind Jarmon When parents take back control of there children n adults act like adults! #THINKB4UACT BE RESPONSIBLE!

Smileyface Lee-Lee The children are out of control the patents needs to learn how to raise there kids. Having them on there hip when they are doing there thing is teaching them the wrong thing. Closing places that expands there minds and giving them direction is backwards.

‏@KillaKAB tear Down All abandon and dirty houses. Fund trips for students to see other cities and brooding their mind.

‏@thisisdking fix the roads, improve the educational system, & revitalize neighborhoods.

‏@A1ManShow parents stepping up better political leadership and stronger schools will make bmore better.

‏@MRSMITHMD see what would make Baltimore a better place would have to start at home with these parents that don’t care…

‏@MasonMiAmor stop closing all the youth centers and find something for our youth to do.

‏@urbanwulf we need more youth programs to teach our youth.

‏@Smiley1Leelee I feel that better parenting will help with our children. that old saying stay in a child’s place. It starts at home.

‏@sexxxyass stop closing all the recs and cutting out all of the youth programs so they have

ShawnRick ‏@sghicks72 actually its the parents responsibility to provide for their kids to have a good summer not the city.