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Recently on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Wiz Khalifa spoke of how much he loves Amber Rose’s mom.  Tuesday’s Love Zone question was based on that.  Do you have to love your in-laws?  Check out listener responses via Facebook and Twitter.  Join the nightly Love Zone virtual conversation by visiting http://www.ladawnblack.com

Do you have to love your in-laws???

NOPE! However, the love and respect you have for your partner/spouse should invoke you to love and respect their parents in a way that brings and keeps harmony in your relationship/marriage. – Shannon

You don’t “have to” but it definitely makes things less awkward for you. I also believe, it makes your significant other that much happier and a little more stress free, knowing that their parents and potential spouse hold no thoughts against each other.  – LaShawnda

I believe as long as they stay in there place as parents then there shouldn’t be a problem but when it becomes an issue to stay in ur lane then its ur job as a spouse to tolerate ur spouse parents – Jamie

respect each other, but hell no. u don’t have to like them – Tiffany

Respect is the key, u don’t have to like them by a long shot..and if it happens they are disrespectful, tastefully express ur views of how u being treated and if it doesn’t change, put a distance there so u don’t have to see or hear them! – Sheila

I love my future mom in-law. I don’t think u have to love them, it just has to be a level of respect there on both ends – Brittany

I believe that your relationship with your in laws has no impact on how your spouse portrays you to his family u can luv and adore them but if you spouse  gives them a reason to dislike that’s what they will do “”I married into a close knit family and that’s cool but I built my family with a husband and kids that’s what matters to me i feel like a spouse should never build a bridge between his wife and family!! – Hayes


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