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Sunday night was all about love drama in the Love Zone! Check out some of the love issues that Love Zone listeners needed help resolving.

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Q . Why do men lie so much?

A. both men and women lie — guys just get caught more :) guys lie bc no matter what they may b doing they don’t want u to leave.  u have to maintain ur power in a relationship to decide whether or not to deal with the lie or to move on. the final choice is always yours.

Q. Why when men have it good at home they go out and down grade from what they have?

A. ppl cheat bc they can. Rarely does it have anything to do with their current situation. Cheating is about opportunity and something new — period.

Q. question: has the meaning of love changed with time?

A. i don’t think so.  love is love. what has changed is relationships.  we are more free to define our own love lives today.

Q. I known this guy for 16yrs. and we been through ups and downs and we have something special but thing is it like we are in a relationship but we are not and when bring up the situation we end up fussing about but the thing is when I decide to go and talk to someone else it is a problem.

A. this sounds like this person wants the best of both worlds.  a relationship “like” situation with you but also the freedom of doing what he wants bc u guys are not official.  u need to b definitve. if he is not willing to give you what you want, he doesn’t get what he wants. that is the only way to force his hand and make him be clear about what he wants with u.

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