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It’s time to stop your child from running and start confronting your child’s bully the right way! First you have to know the signs and the right steps on how to EMPOWER your child from their bully!

1. Take the bullying seriously. Don’t tell your child to “tough” it out. Some parents believe that it’s better to let children “work these things out on their own”, but leaving children to navigate through a situation such as bullying will make them feel more helpless. Let your son know that you’re always there to help.

2. Find out whether there is something provoking bullies into targeting your child. If your son or daughter is lacking social skills, has low self-esteem or is physically weaker than his peers, the reason for his bullying may just be because he’s an easy target. Help him feel more confident by encouraging him to pursue activities at which he excels.

3. If the teasing has escalated to a point where it can’t be brushed aside as a harmless joke and your son is always a target, it’s time to put a stop to it. Teach him how to handle confrontations by staying calm. Tell him to be strong and to not react, but to instead ignore the bully and just walk away.

And remember BULLYING IS A PUNK MOVE!!!! I will have more tips and information on how parents can become more involved in a few weeks! We have to stop bullying but we must do it TOGETHER!

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